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Repton 1 is a fascinating strategical puzzle game, featuring our famous green friend Repton in a series of thought-provoking levels.

A real challenge to your skill and determination. Can you complete Repton 1?

* 32 main levels starting with a few easyish warm-up levels, and building up through the Cascade scenario to the most difficult Repton 1 levels ever devised.

* 20 children's levels designed for our younger Repton fans aged from 3 to 9 years old.

* An easy-to-use level editor for designing your own Repton 1 levels. It's fun to create your own levels, and if you make some intriguing and innovative levels, we may be interested in publishing your levels for other Repton aficionados to enjoy.

What do our customers think about Repton?

Here are some customer comments (quoted with permission):

"Repton is still the best game of all time!" ... Matt Cocker

"For me, Repton is the most addictive game I've ever played." ... Mike House

"Repton must be the best game ever on any platform." ... Kevin Smith

"I thoroughly enjoy the Repton games." ... Richard Quarrell

"Repton - the best game we ever played." ... Geraldine Dix

"Repton is a family favourite." ... Barbara Gibb

"Repton is the best game of all time." ... Peter Griffiths

"Repton rules!" ... Lee Barrows

"Repton is the best." ... Steve Armstrong

"Repton is one of my all time favourite games." ... Simon Jones

"Wonderful game, classy through and through." ... Andrew Roberts

"Repton is the BEST game ever invented. Ever!" ... Tim Gladding

"Repton 3 rocks!!!" ... Chris Else

"Repton is the greatest classic of all times. It is a very special game." ... Gary Bodle

"Repton - the best PC gaming news I have heard in a long time." ... Greg Bateman

"Repton is the greatest game ever in my opinion. It is easy-to-learn and utterly addictive. Every level brings a new challenge. A work of genius." ... Dominic Ford

System Requirements:

Pentium II 300MHz or higher / 32MB RAM / 8MB Graphics Card / DirectX 7.0 or higher

Repton 1  Free Download screenshot